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American Alloy Flange offers Hastelloy® and similar grades from ½” to 48″ in flange, ring and disk configurations. ***custom sizes greater than 48″ available upon request*** please contact us for more information.

The Corrosion-Resistant HASTELLOY® alloys are widely used by the chemical processing industries. The need for reliable performance leads to their acceptance and growth in the areas of energy, health and environmental, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and flue gas desulfurization industries. The attributes of HASTELLOY® alloys include high resistance to uniform attack, outstanding localized corrosion resistance, excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, and ease of welding and fabrication.

B-3® alloy possesses outstanding resistance to non-oxidizing acids, such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. The advantages of B-3® alloy over previous B-family alloys are enhanced thermal stability and improved fabrication characteristics.

The most versatile of the HASTELLOY® alloys are the “C-type” alloys. C-2000® alloy combines outstanding resistance to oxidizing media with superior resistance to non-oxidizing environments and represents a true performance breakthrough for chemical process equipment applications.  C-22® alloy is particularly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion; it has been used extensively to protect against the most corrosive FGD systems and the most sophisticated pharmaceutical reaction vessels.

G-30® alloy has been very successful as phosphoric acid heat exchanger tubing and for other process components in the fertilizer industry. G-35® alloy was designed as an improved version of G-30 alloy in these applications.  The high chromium content of both of these alloys make them the premier choices for strong oxidizing solutions and mixed acid pickling services.

HASTELLOY® Family of Corrosion-Resistant Alloys

HASTELLOY® B-3® alloy Same excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid and other strongly reducing chemicals as B-2 alloy, but with significantly better thermal stability, fabricability and stress corrosion cracking resistance. 
HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy Better overall corrosion resistance in oxidizing corrosives than C-4, C-276 and 625 alloys. Outstanding resistance to localized corrosion and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Best alloy to use as universal weld filler metal to resist corrosion of weldments.
HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy Versatile, corrosion resistant alloy. Very good resistance to reducing, and mildly oxidizing corrosives. Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance with very good resistance to localized attack.
HASTELLOY® C-2000® alloy Most versatile, corrosion resistant alloy with excellent resistance to uniform corrosion in oxidizing or re-ducing environments. Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and superior resistance to localized corrosion as compared to C-276 alloy.
HASTELLOY® G-30® alloy Many advantages over other metallic and non-metallic materials in handling phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, fluoride environments and oxidizing acid mixtures.
HAYNES® 242® alloy .Age-hardenable alloy with excellent strength to 1300°F (705°C), low thermal expansion characteristics, good oxidation resistance to 1500°F (815°C) and excellent fabricability. Also has excellent resistance to high-temperature fluorine and fluoride-bearing environments. Used in gas turbine seal rings, containment containment structures and high-strength fasteners. Also used in fluoropolymer plastics production and CPI applications.


For a full listing of all available alloys, please visit our alloys page.


AluminumPipeFittings.net is a division of South Coast Industrial Metals. We offer stock from Los Angeles, CA 3003H112, 5086H32 & 6061T6 Fittings from ½” – 8″ Long Radius 90’s, Long Radius 45’s, Long Radius 180’s, Short Radius 90’s, Short Radius 180’s, Tees (Straight and Reducing) Tees and Crosses (Straight and Reducing) Caps, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Laterals and Wyes (Straight and Reducing) We also offer 10″ – 48″ custom manufactured fittings, flanges and pipe. For more information, please contact us: RFQ@scimetals.com :: (949) 218-0026

We also offer other alloys from our Alloy Pipe Fittings Division:

Available from stock 1/2′ – 8″ : Inconel®, Incoloy®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex, Aluminum & Chrome

Nickel: 200, 400, 600, 625, 800/H/HT, 825, Alloy 20, Duplex 2205, 2507, C-276, 686, G-2, B-2,
B-3®, C-4, C-22®, C-2000®,
Stainless: 304/H, 304/L, 309, 310, 316/L, 316/H, 321/H, 347/H, 330, 410, 904/L, 254SMO®,
Duplex and Super Duplex: F51 – 2205, F53 – 2507, F55 – Alloy 100, F61 Ferralium 255
Chrome: P-11 Cl. 1-3, P12 Cl 1-2, P22 Cl 1, 3, P9, P91
Titanium: Gr 2